9 Cops Sit Down In Her Section At Red Robin, Then Waitress Realizes Something Important.

Oct 13th, 2017
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There are some things I life that surprise us all, and that is usually a show of kindness. It has been in the world for as long as we can remember, and yet to this day, we still get surprised by the smallest ounce of kindness shown to us. This is not a good thing; it means people are still very nasty to each other and that is something that needs to change. The culture of people needs to change for people to be kinder and more considerate of each other. So we will spread stories around and try help that along.

We will start in Columbus, Ohio, there is a restaurant known as the Red Robin. Jessica Dunbar is a regular and average waitress. A little back ground story is her father was a police officer who put his life on the line every day for society. She knew the fear of worrying whether or not he would be coming home that day. And when she met this group of officers, she felt empathetic towards their sadness and wanted to try to help them feel better. What she does will amaze you.

1 A Normal Day


During April, Jessica went to work like any other normal day where she was a waitress. During the day a group of police officers walked in and took their seats, there were nine of them, and Jessica went to serve them.

2 Sadness in the Air


She had noticed the police officers seemed sad and in general quiet. But she did overhear one of them saying, Its always a rough day when you've gotta put a brother on the ground.


3 Steven Smith


During a standoff, SWAT Officer Steven Smith was severely injured. Around two days later he died from the bullet wounds. This was a very grievous time since he was loved and well respected, so much so that thousands of people went to his funeral. There was also police vehicles from about 120 jurisdictions. The nine police officers that walked into the restaurant had attended that funeral. They were there for their lunchtime.

4 The Bill


Jessica knew the pain they were feeling and decided to be compassionate and do something nice for them. So their $127-dollar bill, she had decided to pay it for them. This rare bit of kindness she showed to them was something that touched their hearts. Jessica told NBC, To have them shake my hand and say thank you to me, that was incredible, Jessica told NBC.


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