Last Photos Of Our Favorite Celebrities Taken Before Their Death

May 15th, 2020
Name Team

Here is the list of last pictures of our favorite celebrities before their death.

1 Prince


Hes just about to be found in his own elevator days after he dies.

2 Freddie Mercury


Hes just about to wither away from AIDS. This is the last known photo of the legendary singer.


3 David Bowie


Bowie looks as though he's been pasted together at this point. His vibrant spirit still carried through his frail body.

4 Kurt Cobain


Kurt Cobain was shot in the front of his head moments before this photo. It is deemed to be a suicide, although conspiracy theories still circle.


5 Phillip Seymour Hoffman


The Oscar winner is just about to overdose on a huge dose of heroin at the time of this photo.

6 Abraham Lincoln


The great emancipator took this photo hours before he was murdered in a theater.


7 Elvis


He's just about to get found dead on a toilet seat, but some say he's still alive so..


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