10 Brilliant Tips To Make Your Lips Kissable Instantly

Aug 14th, 2019
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There are some seasons in the year that are so dry, that it impacts the juiciness of your lips. And that can lead to a bit of embarrassment. Especially when you want someone you got the hots for to kiss you! Sometimes our lips can get very dry and patchy, and that is something every woman wants to avoid. We all want to look beautiful and kissable. SO follow these simple tips and see the wonders of having great looking and kissable lips!

1 Avoiding Dryness

With the harsh sun out there, it's important to protect your skin. So put on sun screen, and don't forget to apply some to your lips for that added protection from dry and chapped lips.

2 Extra Boost

Try to get some lip gloss that contains a bit of peppermint oil. This is ideal for giving that extra boost of shine and tastiness.


3 Remove Flakes

When your lips dry up, they tend to get flaky. And that is never a pleasing look. So take a warm rag and rub your lips to get rid of those excess dead skin cells.

4 Sexiness

If you want to wear some lipstick, but want to look even more kissable, then dab just a smidge of lip gloss in the center of your lip tip.


5 That Matte Look

If you want that sexy matte type look, there is a nice cheap way of doing it! Just put a little bit of concealer on your lips before applying the shiny lip gloss.

6 A Soft and Shimmery look

An excellent way to achieve this look is to just dab on a little bit of Vaseline. It will look so smooth.


7 Shiny

Keeping your lips shiny is a simple process. You just have to put on some lip gloss. And just keep applying some during the day. It's all in the maintenance. This also ensures your lips stay moist.

8 Fuller Lips

You can slightly extend your lip line by using a bit of flesh tone type of lip liner. This ensures a much fuller looking set of lips on your face!


9 Plump Lips

Use those lip liners to make your lips look bigger. Don't be shy!

10 Whiter teeth

If you feel your teeth could look a little bit whiter, then using lipstick with an under tone of blueish will do the trick.


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