The 5 Stages Of Relationship: Which Stage Is Yours At?

Dec 2nd, 2017
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1 There Are 5 Stages To Every Relationship

So it turns out that there are 5 stages to every relationship. Some of these stages may surprise you, while others may seem pretty familiar. Read on to find out the five stages.

2 The Romance Stage

The first stage to any relationship is the romance stage. We fall in love as a kind of survival instinct, as we are programmed genetically to have offspring. Love is just natures way of encouraging us to procreate.


3 The Stability Stage

The third stage is the stability stage. Most couples never reach this stage, as the relationship usually ends in the power struggle stage. This occurs when both partners have figured out a way to deal with their conflicts.

4 The Power Struggle

The second stage of relationships is the power struggle. This is where both partners find out that their love wasn't actually love at all, and fights start to happen as the partners begin to find out about each other's flaws.


5 The Comfort/Commitment Stage

The commitment stage is the fourth stage of relationships. This occurs after both partners have gotten used to each other, and want to prove to each other that their love is real by committing to a long future together.

6 What Stage Are You In?

So, what stage is your relationship in? Have you made it past the power struggle stage? Are you well on your way to the co-creation stage? Or are you still in the romantic stage?


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