Badly Timed Photos Of Celebrities That Are Too Embarrassing To Handle

Apr 15th, 2021
Name Team

Being a celebrity can be very difficult. Whenever you go out to the public, people are taking your pictures and asking you to take selfies with them. Sometimes, celebrities get their photos taken in slightly awkward situations. Maybe they are doing what any normal person does like poking their noses, or maybe sometimes they are doing something which probably would be embarrassing if they get caught. However, once that picture gets on the Internet, there is little someone can do about it.

Take a look at these poorly timed embarrassing celebrity pictures that will leave you laughing your heart out.

1 Bieber says he wasnt doing this but the girl seems happy anyway.

2 Oliver Stone was stoned that day, I guess.


3 I guess while Portia was laughing, Ellen found something she could bring on her show.

4 Woah, hey Brad, shes not that into you.


5 Someone owes an explanation to Michelle.

6 Nargis Fakhri isnt impressed.


7 And Bradley Cooper has a landslide victory here.


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