What Your Secret Fear Is Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Jan 8th, 2018
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What is your secret fear in your life? As per astrology, it can be easily determined based on your zodiac sign. Here we are discussing what your secret fear based on your zodiac sign is

1 Pisces (19th February 20th March): Fear of responsibility

Most people belonging to this zodiac sign are afraid of responsibility.They don't want to grow up and prefer to enjoy their fantasy world where they can behave like children and don't have to worry about anyone. However, they are quite creative and brilliant too. They know that once they grow up, they can no longer pursue their creativity which is very dear to them.

2 Aquarius (20th January 18th February): Fear of institutionalization

They are afraid of being trapped that this isn't the usual claustrophobia that many people suffer from, they are afraid of getting bound by the duties of marriage, work or academics. They want to spend their time in their way and believe that the intellectual abilities of people are inhibited by these institutions. Group mentality is probably a side product of this curbing. But these people aren't prone to get caught in a group; they are original and always prefer to stay that way.


3 Capricorn (22nd December 19th January): Fear of failure

Capricorns are extremely hardworking, and they have a passion for business. They try to become successful in every field they work in, and this is also their fear as well since they are afraid of failure. As a result, they can often become slow in their line of work, since they prefer to ensure that everything is perfect before moving onto the next task. They believe in the term, Better be safe than sorry. But this fear is also what instills in them the seeds of success in future.

4 Sagittarius (November 22 December 21): Fear of enclosed spaces

Sagittarius are claustrophobic in nature; they don't prefer enclosed or crowded places. They are explorers and want to visit the various place on Earth to seek the truth. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is their ruler. Hence, they hate 9-5 jobs and responsibilities, since that curbs their freedom.


5 Scorpio (23rd October21st November): Fear of intimacy

Scorpios are very sensitive and emotional. Hence, when they are in a relationship, they are rather afraid of getting dumped by their partner. Often when the relationship progresses to the next level, they distance themselves since they are afraid of intimacy. Hence, their relationships suffer from their friends and partners cant understand what they did wrong.

6 Libra (23rd September 22nd October): Fear of being alone

Libras don't want to be alone. They are quite romantic and are great as lovers. Hence, most of the times, they remain in relationships. They always need someone to show their affections and passion and being alone prevented from doing that.


7 Virgo (23rd August 22nd September): Fear of imperfection

Virgo is a perfectionist in every aspect of life. Also, they are normally quite pessimistic, which helps them in their work. They are realists and are often afraid to face their fears. They tend to stay away from those things which they have no control over and cannot be perfected and organized.

8 Leo (23rd July 22nd August): Fear of being ignored

Leos crave for attention; their only concern is getting ignored. If they are attending a function or a party, they want everyone in the room to look at them and praise them. Hence, they often spend a lot of time on their appearances, the type of dresses they wear and their body language. They think that people don't notice them, then they have failed.


9 Cancer (21st June 22nd July): Fear of leaving home

Cancerians prefer to stay in their comfort zones, close to their home and family. Hence, they are often stuck in one place and cannot move forward in life. If they want to succeed in life, then they need to go out more and visit new places to get rid of this fear.

10 Gemini (21st May 20th June): Fear of making decisions

Gemini is fickle-minded; they often change their opinions and cant stick to one particular decision. That is the reason why their symbol has twins. Its almost as if they have two personalities both of them are complete opposites of each other, and that is why they can't make any decision properly. This is their main fear, and they would prefer if other take these decisions for them.


11 Taurus (20th April 20th May): Fear of financial instability

Taurus loves to stay in comfortable places; they prefer simple things in life, a nice house, a small but close group of friends and family, a cozy bed. Since they want to remain comfortable, they also are cautious about money and stay away from debts as much as possible. They spend money carefully, and not having any money in the bank is their main fear.

12 Aries (21st March 19th April): Fear of losing people

Aries are fearless warriors; they don't hesitate to fight to protect their loved ones. They enjoy these challenges, but they are afraid of losing people. Sometimes, their actions don't bear the same results that they expect and this can mess up things, the worst part is these fights can often lead to the death of others, and they cant do anything about it. Hence, they are always in a state of caution, on the one hand, they are warriors, but on the other hand, they are afraid of losing others.


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