10 Celebs Who Want You To Forget Their Dirty Video Scandals

May 10th, 2019
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Some of the celebs had a bad time dealing with their s-e-x tape s that were released on the internet for billions of viewers to watch their favorite stars in compromising positions. Here is the list of 10 celebs.

1 Jennifer Lopez:

Almost all of us are familiar with this music sensation by the name of Jennifer Lopez, or JLO for short. She has won millions of hearts with her voice but when her s-e-x tape popped out in the internet, everyone lost their minds. Her ex-husband named Ojani Noa said that it was he who was seen with her in the s-e-x tape.

2 Collin Farrell:

When the s-e-x tape of Collin Farrell and Nicole Narin went viral over the internet in the year 2002, it spread like wildfire. Narin could not find any work for a very long time due to the viral video.


3 Chelsea Handler:

Since Chelsea is one of the uncensored Hollywood stars, it was not an element of surprise when her s-e-x tape popped up in the internet and went viral. However, she said it was a mere joke, but everyone knew it was not at all a joke when they saw it with their own eyes.

4 Rob Lowe:

When in the year of 1988 a s-e-x tape clearly depicting Lowe with a young girl went viral on the internet, Rob Lowes reputation received a huge blow. He received a lot of criticism from everyone, but still h managed to secure a place for him in the music industry sometime later.


5 Kim Kardashian:

Well, to speak of Kim Kardashian it needs to be mentioned that this star attained fame only due to her leaked s-e-x tape s of her and her boyfriend by the name of Ray-J. It is suspected that her mother is behind the leak of the s-e-x tape s although she denies the fact.

6 Hulk Hogan:

This famous wrestling sensation started losing his credibility when his leaked s-e-x tape featuring him and his friends wife got leaked somehow and spread like wildfire.


7 Eric Dane:

A video starring Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart spread like wildfire over the internet. It was said by Dane himself that it was no s-e-x tape; rather it was a naked tape.

8 Paris Hilton:

This famous star had made a good name for herself. However, when her home movie by the name of One Night In Paris got leaked it started causing her glory and fame to fall. Since then she is having hard times to recover her lost fame.


9 Farrah Abraham:

Perhaps the worst case of the leak of s-e-x tape was that of Farrah Abraham. She said that it was a result of force that her video was made, but her fame started going down after it was leaked. Still it is not yet clear as to what was the source of the s-e-x tape.

10 Pamela Anderson:

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson are known to be the passionate couple to everyone. When their s-e-x tape found way to the internet it was not surprising. None of her fans will ever forget the scandal.


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