This Is How The Chickens Are Hatched In The Factories

Jul 22nd, 2017
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There is no denying the fact that almost all of us love eating recipes of chicken. Some of us are extremely voracious eaters of chicken all the year round, and it is a favorite among almost all types of people irrespective of gender or age or caste.

Let it be fried or roasted, or in the form of tasty chicken curry. Chicken when properly cooked leaves us licking our fingers. But the fact is, we are completely unaware of the exact fact of the journey of this edible thing from egg to the plate.

Some Officials related to animal rights campaign made shocking discoveries. They luckily captured some videos that show the brutality that is shown towards the small chicks as soon as they hatch from the eggs till they are made fit to eat.

Let us get to see the processes that are followed to produce healthy and good chickens in certain industries. They are as follows:

1 Sorting out the chicks:

This is the first step that is followed in order to sort out the chicks. The weaker ones are sorted and separated from the stronger ones.

2 Fate of the weak chicks:

The video clearly depicts how the weaker chicks are brutally killed by tearing their heads off their bodies. They are then packed and thrown off.


3 Survivors face more brutality:

The stronger ones who are termed as the survivors are treated even worse. Each of them are handpicked and injected with a huge vaccination needle and thrown into a rotating disc leading to the conveyor.

4 Process of crating:

These small chicks are then crated properly in several crates. These find way to several packs of crates.


5 Hatching:

These crates are then taken to huge hatching chambers. There are dark cupboards in which these crates are shut for hatching purpose.

6 Injection of growth hormones:

These chicks are injected with growth hormones to allow them to grow to strong and big chickens, thus increasing their volume on growing also.



These chickens grow to fully grown hens that can lay eggs and can also be used for edible chicken for supply to food shops. Such is the fate of these chickens. The babies that come out of the eggs on the first day face extreme cruelty as they are either killed by tearing their heads off or thrown into machines that kill them instantly.


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