13 Spine-Chilling Movies Based On The Real Life Of Murderers

Apr 24th, 2021
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Let us have a look at the 13 spine chilling movies that are based on real life stories of murderers. These killers existed in history and reading this will surely make a chill run down your spine.

1 Garry Ridgway-

Also known as Green River Killer, had killed many girls in the 80s and 90s.

2 Carl Panzram:

The movie that was based on this killer was The Journal of a Murderer & the Spirit of Hatred and Vengeance. He killed more than 22 people. What Is more, he performed abnormal sex with numerous men.


3 David Berkowitz:

The Son of Sam was the movie based on this killer. He was said to have killed since he said he used to receive satanic messages from his neighbors dog. Strange indeed!

4 Ivan Milat-Wolf Creek:

This man was a severe terror in Australia, as he was said to have killed several people mercilessly.


5 Manu Sharma-No one killed Jessica:

Jessica Lall was killed due to the fact that she did not serve him a drink.

6 Gertrude Baniszewski- The Girl Next Door-

This lady had kidnapped Sylvia Marie Likens and molested the 16 year old minor for many days before being caught.


7 Richard Kuklinski-The Iceman:

This contract killer used to live a double life. On one hand he led a family life, and on the other hand he was a contract killer for a mafia.

8 Jack the Ripper-From Hell:

In the year 1880, this killer used to kill all prostitutes in London.


9 Ed Gein-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

This psychopath used to kill everyone and built chains from human nipples and even used to convert human body parts into objects.

10 Albert DeSalvo- The Boston Strangler:

From the year 1962-64, this killer almost killed around 13 women.


11 Aileen Wuornos-Monster:

This serial killer killed almost 7 men in the year 1989-90 in Florida. This was due to the fact that they assaulted her during her work as a prostitute.

12 Henry Lee Lucas-Henry-Portrait of a Serial killer:

This man was a serial killer in America. This man killed several people in the year 1960s to 1970s.


13 The Zodiac Killer:


This story was based on a real serial killer who killed many people in San Francisco.

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