15 Kind Hearted Kids Who Did Their Parents Proud

May 8th, 2018
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Kids bring beautiful change to their parent life. Parents are the first teacher to their kids, and their every action and words are copied even if they are good or bad. It is child's natural talent. As children grow and learn and develop, they are influenced by their parents. For parents, raising their kid in right way is not easy.

Parents teach their kids to be kind, generous, helpful and caring to grow them into delightful human beings. Kids are naughty, cheeky but every kid has a talent which should not be suppressed instead they should be encouraged by parents.

Here are 15 examples of parents who have taught their kids the best ways possible. These kids are the real inspiration and give us moral.

1 He saved $120 in a year and used it to feed the homeless.

2 The 9-year old made a no-kill animal shelter in his garage.


3 He suffered 2 years of bullying whilst grew his hair to donate to cancer patients.

4 This infant helping the sculpture bunny to lift up.


5 3-year-old girl gave her hair to a bald little sick girl.

6 She sold all her soft toys to donate money to the animal shelter.


7 The child insists on tucking to let him know that he lives in his house and will come back.

8 The little girl builds shelter and grows food for homeless.


9 This cute girl reads to teach her kitty.

10 Helping as always


11 13-year old makes lunch for her dad daily in the morning.

12 He saved money to buy peanut butter for dogs in an animal shelter.


13 She whispered in her dogs ear that shots heart and if she will be a good girl, she will take her

14 She cuddled with the baby cow in her home to keep it warm.


15 This 2 year old treated the wounds of dinosaurs toy.


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