15 Of The Worst People To Walk Through The Doors Of Walmart

Apr 10th, 2018
Name Team

1 Saving The Day

Looks like the Walmart warrior has arrived to save you from all those horrible high prices!

2 Attitude Downloading

Oh! we think he's overdosed on attitude stop the download please!


3 Donaldisha?

Who knew Donald Trump had an orange sister? She even has the fake hair like the new president!

4 On Fire

He (or she) is just too hot to handle, dont get to close! No seriously, run from them


5 The Official Walmart Lady

You know you're the queen of Walmart when you have paparazzi pics from your fans

6 No Grandma No!

We just can't wrap our heads around why shed do this to herself she has to know her boobs drag on the floor!


7 The Walmart Runway

She got the long hair and didn't care dare you to tell her she doesn't look good honey.

8 Loyal Customer

It only makes sense the bearded lady gets her shaving cream and Hot Pockets from the almighty Walmart.


9 Granny Gaga

Lady Gaga 40 years from now after the fame is gone shell never stop with the outfits!

10 Doubles As A Chaple?

We hope they're the owners of this Walmart otherwise there's no excuse to be wed next to the cookies and bbq equipment.


11 You Wanna Smoke?

Walmart might as well sale weed to their customers otherwise these guys will!

12 Geek Squad

Hes actually considered technically advanced to most Walmart customers


13 Hungry Shorts

Were all for rocking your body with confidence but this is just offensive. That looks like one long t-shirt!

14 Put. It. Away

Sir, no one asked to see this at 8 am while shopping how could you be so rude to peoples eyes!


15 Butter Them Up

Well we know she won't be picking up the bread rolls in Walmart she's got that covered!


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