20 Of The Most Shocking Celebrity Suicides

May 15th, 2020
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These celebrities were taken from us at very young of an age. May they rest in peace! While few celebrity suicide stories are pretty well known and even publicized, you will be very much amazed how many other celebrity suicide shockers have been swept just under the carpet by the media and that too intentionally. Here is our heartbreaking list. The final 3 will come as jaw dropping surprises.


There have not been that many famous comedians in times past as beloved as Robin Williams was. He was perhaps the most well-known person for his remarkably accurate impressions and even roles in films like Mrs. Doubtfire and Dead Poets Society. Sadly, he just hung himself in the year 2014 after years of suffering from dementia as well as depression and also recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.


After dealing with the tragic after-effects of her boyfriend and also the father of her child killing himself on their porch, Mindy McCready just shot and killed herself sometime later on the same porch in her Heber Springs, Arkansas home. She was a very popular country singer, and she died in the year 2013, leaving her children behind.



Kurt Cobain was beyond all doubt a troubled man, but it was still a shock when he just shot himself in the year 1994. He was most famous for being the frontman of the rock band Nirvana, but it was also widely known that he suffered from bouts of depression and even severe drug addiction. He left a detox center just before he committed suicide.


Perhaps you can easily recognize Jonathan Brandis from his days on Neverending Story II or seaQuest DSV. Although still a very young man at the age of 27 and his whole life ahead of him, Brandis hung himself in the year 2003. His friends had found him, and while still alive at the time, he died of his injuries the very next day at the hospital.



Alexander McQueen was pretty well known all over the world as a superb British fashion designer, but apparently, losing his mother to the dangerous disease named cancer was more than he could handle. Nine days after his mother's death, he took a cocktail of drugs including cocaine, sleeping pills, and tranquilizers before hanging himself with one of his favorite belts.


Remember the quite adorable Barone twins from Everybody Loves Raymond? Sadly, one of the brothers, named Sawyer Sweeten, had shot himself right in the head in the year 2015 when he was just 19 years old. It has been reported that the main motivations were likely lingering money problems, bullying due to gay rumors, and also career struggles.



Lucy Gordon was a famous British model and actress with several acting credits to her name in many films like Spiderman 3 and Serendipity. Sadly, she was found hanging in her apartment in Paris by her flat mate by the name of Jerome Almeras. She died in 2009 at the meager age of 28 years, and she left behind a pair of suicide notes which had details that her wishes were regarding the affairs of her estate.


Americas sweetheart and even world-famous actress, Marilyn Monroe seemed to have a perfect life on the surface. Her films were very much popular, and they had grossed more than over 200 million dollars by the time she died in the year 1962. At only 36 years old, she was found dead by apparent overdose of barbiturates.



Jovan Belcher was a Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, but his suicide in the year 2012 was perhaps one of the most devastating incidents in recent memory. Before shooting and subsequently killing himself in front of his coach and general manager at the Chiefs practice facility, he even killed his girlfriend, Kassandra Perkins in front of his mother. These tragic events left Belchers three-month-old daughter without parents.


Most famous for his role as Kip Half-Sack Epps on popular television show Sons of Anarchy, Johnny Lewis apparently suffered from the after-effects of repeated head trauma. His family even claims this led to the murder of his 81 years old landlord and her cat before he climbed to the top of the home he was renting and finally fell to his death in the year 2012. He was just 26 years old at that time when he died.



Gia Allemand is possibly most recognized from her stint on the famous dating show The Bachelor, but she even acted and modeled for Maxim. She had attempted to hang herself in the year 2013 but had failed to kill herself completely. She was then rushed to the hospital where she was later declared brain dead. The plug was pulled two days later, and she then died at only 29 years old.


Ken Griffey Jr. is perhaps one of the greatest baseball players of all time. However, he nearly took his own life in the year of 1988. He was actually facing a growing number of criticisms from a huge number of fans and constantly arguing with his father during the time of his suicide attempt. Griffey Jr. took more than over 200 Aspirin pills but finally managed to survive the suicide attempt.



Remember Kimberly Drummond on Different Strokes? That popular character was played by Dana Plato, but apparently, life after the show was not as easy for Plato as it was for Drummond on the particular show. She intentionally overdosed on painkillers such as Lortrab and muscle relaxant Soma in the year 1999 and subsequently died at the early age of 34 years.


Ernest Hemingway is arguably one of the greatest American novelists of all times. In spite of success as a novelist, journalist, and also a short story writer, he used his favorite shotgun to shoot himself right in the head. Mary, his wife, initially claimed he shot himself accidentally during a regular gun cleaning session. Five years after his death, his wife finally admitted that he took his own life on purpose. He had been suffering from severe depression and even alcoholism for a very long time and had previously spent almost three months at a hospital following a miserably failed suicide attempt.



Misty Upham's death was a mystery at the beginning. She initially went completely missing in October of 2014, and a few weeks later she was found dead at the bottom of a cliff. While the cause of death is still uncertain, her family suspect that her past mental health problems possibly led to her committing suicide. She was most well known for her acting in the famous film Frozen River in the year 2008. She had died when she was only 32 years old.


English writer Virginia Woolf chose a peculiar way to take her own life in the year 1941. Woolf had drowned herself with large stones which she placed in her overcoat pockets to weigh down her body. It took three weeks for investigators to find her body. She left behind a suicide note that claimed she heard voices in her head, a condition she had battled with for much of her life.



Fans of WWE wrestling likely recognize Chris Benoit from his days as a wonderful wrestler, and it is thought that repetitive brain damage from his wrestling led him to the horrible atrocities that he had he committed. Before hanging himself in the year 2007, he first strangled his wife Nancy and their seven-year-old son Daniel. Chris was just 40 years old when he died.


Professional wrestler Michael Mike Awesome Alfonso had chosen suicide by just hanging in February 2007. The WWE wrestlers nearly lifeless body was discovered by a group of his own friends. His death came just a short time after he was released from prison after being engaging in a heated fight with his wife. During that altercation, he had grabbed her by the neck and slammed her against a wall. It has been speculated that his criminal charges and the likely loss of his family were very much responsible for his decision to take his own life.



widely considered being one of the NFL's greatest linebackers of all time, Junior Seau also was a ten-time All-Pro and twelve-time Pro Bowl Selection. Sadly, his success did not save him from shooting himself right in the chest while at his home in Oceanside, California. He was just 43 years old when he died.


The longtime girlfriend of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger and relatively successful fashion designer LWren Scott found a very sad yet unique way to kill herself. She just hung herself with a scarf in the year 2014 and died at the age of just 49 years. It was later revealed that she had struggled with bouts depression for years leading up to her suicide.


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