10 Facial Fruit Blends That Are Good for Your Skin

Nov 14th, 2018
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Beautiful skin is one of the best boons any girl can get. Particularly having an attractive face is what every girl aspires to. While having a healthy looking skin is one part, maintaining the same in a natural way free of cost can be the best value addition. Let us have a look at some fruit packs that adds richness to your beauty toning your skin in a gentle manner.

1 Grapefruit Face Pack

Grapefruit Face Pack

Grapefruit has a sour tone which helps in treating the process of aging naturally. It is abundantly rich in Vitamin C, and so offers a complete pack of benefits to the skin. It helps in firmly maintaining the skin. Both the juice as well as the pulp of Grapefruit can be applied as a face mask once in a week to have a fabulous look.

2 Banana Face Pack

Banana Face Pack

The potassium content in Bananas makes it one of the best fruits not only for internal health but also for maintaining the beauty of the skin. Mash it with honey and apply evenly on the face and neck area. Leave it till it dries, or for 15 minutes whichever is earlier. Apply this mask once in a fortnight. This will help the skin remain supple and young looking. Bananas smoothens the skin area increasing its elasticity


3 Litchi and Kiwi Face Pack

Litchi and Kiwi Face Pack

Litchi and Kiwi Face Pack not only acts as a face mask but also tones the same. While the Kiwi seeds tones the skin, the moisturizing action is done by Litchi fruit. For making this value adding face mask, peel off the skin and blend them together on low speed. Be surprised to look at a younger and glowing you in the mirror.

4 Kiwi & Strawberry Face Pack

Kiwi & Strawberry Face Pack

Peel off the skins of both the fruits and blend together. Ensure the seeds of the Kiwi are not discarded. Apply on face for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash with cold water. Pat with a clean white towel. While the Kiwi seeds tone the skin, strawberry adds a glow to the same by moisturizing it.


5 Cucumber & Lime Face Pack

Cucumber & Lime Face Pack

This combination helps in restring the elasticity of the skin perfectly. It disinfects the skin reducing swelling and other types of skin eruptions. Smash cucumber. Mix lemon juice in limited quantity with the same. The mixture can be a watery one with pulp settling underneath in the container. Apply the thick pulp portion in an even manner on the face. You can use the liquid part of the same underneath the eyes and areas surrounding the nose. This pack cleans the skin, tones it and moisturizes all at the same time.

6 Turmeric, Yogurt and Orange Face Pack

Turmeric, Yogurt and Orange Face Pack

This paste acts as multi specialist to skin. Turmeric acts as the disinfectant and effectively cleans the skin. Yogurt smoothens the rough areas of the skin giving the same an even tone and glow. Orange which is rich in Vitamin C makes the skin look healthy by adding goodness to the same. Just mix all the ingredients together and blend well. Apply evenly on the face and neck area. Allow the paste to dry. Wash off with cold water. Pat dry with clean cloth. This face mask is one of the best for the skin.


7 Honey & Lemon Face Pack

Honey & Lemon Face Pack

Take a table spoon of Honey. Take half a portion of a big sized Lemon. Squeeze the lemon juice and mix well with honey till a smooth blend is obtained. Apply on the face and neck areas avoiding subtle areas like the eyes and eyebrows. Allow the mask to dry till honey gets solidified. This pack cleanses the skin of dirt and infections. Honey gives the glow to the skin.

8 Cucumber, Mint and Water Melon Face Mask

Cucumber, Mint and Water Melon Face Mask

Take a handful of mint leaves. Take three spoons of melon pulp. Cut a quarter piece of Cucumber. Blend all the three together in a mixer. While the mint aspect of the mask cleanses the face and neck areas, cucumber cools down the skin. Watermelon works on the skin to reduce the reddishness and itching sensations caused due to cold or excessive exposure to heat.


9 Apple, Honey and Mint Face Pack

Apple, Honey and Mint Face Pack

Take equal portion of all the ingredients. Blend well to get a firm consistency. Apply evenly on the face and neck areas. Leave the mask to dry for 20 minutes. Wash off with cold water and pat dry with a clean cloth. While Mint in this face pack cleanses your skin of all external sediments, honey provides the rich glow to the surface cleaning the pores. Apple firms up the skin, making you look young and radiant.

10 Grape Fruit & Potato Face Pack

Grape Fruit & Potato Face Pack

Take a raw potato and mash well in a mixer. Collect the mashed potato in a bowl and add the grapefruit juice to the same till it reaches the face pack consistency. Apply this face pack for 20 minutes. Wash off the pack is dry. This mixture cleanses the skin adding moisturizer to the same. It tightens up the skin given you a young look within minutes.

Not everyone may want to try a single face pack. Try one by one. Settle with the face mask that satisfies you the most.


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