Men Reveal What They Wish Their Girls To Do With Them In Bed

Jun 28th, 2020
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A relationship is always built upon trust and a strong bond that cannot be easily broken by anyone. It's very normal nowadays to be in a relationship and then get married in the next few months or years. But everyone's expectations and desires are different. A relationship becomes congested when a man or a woman can't fulfill the need of their partner. All the men nowadays have a wish that their wife is very well active in bed and they have their fantasies and wishes of how their wife should be on the bed.


I wish my wife liked to be rougher in bed. I may have gotten married to early

I want to try having sex while another couple has sex in the same room. Too bad my wife is so not on board.



I wish my wife would let me do anal with her.

Wonder how that talk went.

I told my wife I want a threesome with another man


Life is short.

My wife regularly pegs me but I think I want to try getting it from a guy now.

Blow to the ego.

I wish my wife didnt lie about faking it in bed. Like, Ive already caught you- please fess up!


Interesting choice.

I wish my wife would call me her little slut in bed..


Wish my gf actually wanted to have sex more then once a month.


Men like that too.

I wish my gf was more dominant in bed

Turn the audio up!

I secretly wish my gf was better/louder in bed. I also wish she made more moves on me instead of me starting every time.


I dont know how to tell my wife I want to try having sex with a guy.

I really want my wife to try swinging with me. I think it would liven up our sex life, and life in general.


I wish my wife would cheat on me and tell me about it.

I wish my wife knew how to actually please me in bed. Youd think that after so long she would know, even after talking about it.


I want to watch my wife with another woman.

I wish my girl would watch porn with me. I just want to spice it up.


I have a million things I want to try with my wife, but she’s way too vanilla. I can’t even get her to go down on me let alone try anything I want to...

I really wish my wife would try bondage with me. Shes always scared to spice it up.


I bought my wife lingerie so she has no excuse to wear it. I just want her looking sexy for me!

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