Man sues TV actress for staring too intensely Through TV

Jul 4th, 2017
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Chinese man sues TV actress for staring too intensely Through TV, after watching Zhao Wei on the prime-time TV show Tiger Mom. The latest law in the courts of China makes it harder for them to reject lawsuits which led to concerns about a rise in the number of frivolous claims being made. Enforcing of the rules from 1 May resulted in an increase of 29% on reported cases in China. Only a few million cases were filed the last year in compared to this year, says the officials in the supreme courts.


The laws are either to be accepted or are to be rejected with clear reasons as per the requirements of the registration system. The Chinese citizens have full right to appeal against the decisions made.

3 Zhao is one of Chinas biggest and richest movie stars, and starred in director John Woos "Red Clif


2 The Legal Daily said the plaintiff was alleging Zhaos stare caused him spiritual damage.

1 Zhao might be best known to us for her small cameo role in the movie Shaolin Soccer


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