The Spoiled Children Of Rich Celebrities

May 20th, 2020
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The film and entertainment industry is very large. It consists of a large number of people who are working since the starting of the age of cinema and some of them have just stepped on to this industry. Individually, each and everyone of them is working hard. Outside the industry, their relationships with their family and loved ones have also been the topics of discussion. Some are living peacefully with no issues at all and some are going through ups and downs. And most importantly, a lot of stories about them are still unknown to us. But its amazing to note that the children of those who are married have also been on the headlines for different reasons. Here are a few of them -


Mark Zuckerberg is a familiar name to all of us. We normally know him as the founder of social networking "Facebook" that connected us with millions of people around the globe. He has a 1-year old child named Maxima Chan-Zuckerberg. It must be noted that by the time he enters the age of 18, the net worth of the Zuckerberg will be worth trillions and there is no doubt that at some point, this wealth might be easily misused.


The son of Prince William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - George Alexander Louis is also enjoying a very wealthy life since his birth. He is already accompanying his parents in royal tours. If reports are to be believed, he already has $1 million in his will for the future. When he turns 30, a large number of properties will be coming for him.



Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are two very famous names in the Hollywood industry. They have worked together in a lot of films and have managed to deliver a numerous number of hits. The twin children of this couple will get $50 million when they will enter the age of 18. Most of us might be unaware of the fact that Knox Léon Jolie-Pitt has done voiceover in "Kung Fu Panda 3" and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt appeared in a very small role in "Malificient" which also starred her mother Angelina Jolie.


The death of Anna Nicole Smith was a very tragic news for everyone. The shocking fact was that she gave birth to a daughter but never mentioned the name of her biological father. Dannielynn has a tutu which is decorated with diamonds and she is already the owner of $10 million which provides her a very wealthy lifestyle.



Salma Hayek is a very well-known face among all of us. She is one of the leading actresses in the film industry and her husband is already taking up in the list of the Forbes every year. Their daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault had already accompanied her mother in the red carpet and she always shows some wild antics in front of mediapersons. The reason might be the fear of facing the camera.


The daughter of power couple Kim and Kanye is the most spoiled celebrity kid. When she was first born, reporters from different parts of the world lined up outside their house to get the first picture of the new born baby. They have a net worth of $350 million and this might pave a path for their kid to get easily spoiled.



Will Smith has been ruling at the box office from a very long time. The "Bad Boys" and "Aladdin" starrer has used his influence in Hollywood to give the best life to his children. His son Jaden Smith appeared in "The Pursuit of Happiness" at the age of 8 whereas, his daughter Willow Smith appeared in the post-apocalyptic movie "I am Legend" at the age of 7.


Gideon and Harper were born through surrogacy and were donated by Neil and David. It is unclear till today that who is their mother. Since they have two fathers who have the wealthiest lifestyle, they are already enjoying every bit of it from now onwards and there is no doubt that till they enter their adulthood, they will get completely spoiled for sure.



The Beckham family is also one of the richest families and the three boys of David Beckham are already getting the best of best benefits from now onwards. The all total assets of the family costs upto $700 million which is more than the what is possessed by Queen Elizabeth herself. Brooklyn and Romeo have been pursuing their career in modelling while Cruz is trying to get into the music industry.


Britney Spears is a leading singer of the Hollywood industry and has been making millions through her music albums and singles. Despite going through a divorce, she managed to get the custody of her two sons. Their net worth is around $200 million and recently, she organized a birthday party where the main theme was Pokémon. This clearly shows the dominance of the two sons over her wealthy lifestyle.



Tom Cruise has managed to win the hearts of millions by appearing as the fearless agent Ethan Hunt in the "Mission : Impossible" film franchise and no doubt, the actor has earned billions after delivering back-to-back hits. Tom Cruise always plans the best exotic getaways for his daughter and she is also seen wearing an Armani, Burberry or Channel while making public appearance.


Beyoncé is a very famous singer in the Hollywood industry. She and her husband Jay-Z have also been named as the power couple. It must be noted that the couple are planning to purchase a $150 million mansion for their daughter and in her last birthday, she got a diamond-encrusted Barbie doll which is estimated to be around $80000.



The sons of famous singer Elton John have already started enjoying the luxuries of the wealthy life owned by their father. But recently he stated that he will not leave the complete $500 million for his two sons and he wants them to earn it and acquire it by themselves.


Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony have been leading in the headlines for their separation and the reasons behind it. Jennifer Lopez has managed to grab the custody of the two children and since she is a very famous actress, her children can be seen accompanying her to different tours and wearing the costliest clothes and footwear and traveling in private planes.



Nicole Richie is a very famous TV personality and is known mainly for getting addicted for drugs and making the headlines. Since her last name is Richie, she earns and spends millions every year and as a result of that, she and her children have been enjoying a wealthy lifestyle.


Rico Rodriguez is a well-known name name as he appeared in the American drama "Modern Family" as Manny Delgado. He is one of the only child who has managed to earn the stardom at a very young age by himself and has a bank account which has already approached the seven-figure barrier.


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