May 15th, 2020
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The effect of usage of drugs on your favorite stars

1 Britney Spears

The shocking collapse of Britt and her hair laid the makings for one of the greatest celeb comebacks of all time.

2 Macaulay Culkin

We will always remember him as Kevin McCallister. Sweet, DARE enrollee Kevin McCallister.


3 Amy Winehouse

Amy had a nearly life-long struggle with drugs and booze, and it eventually took her life tragically early.

4 MJ

The King of Pop, though never confirmed to be on drugs, had his array of unique addictions that led to a complete overhaul of the look he was born with.


5 Steven Tyler

He has admitted to spending unfathomable loads of money on the white lady, and his look has suffered dearly from the years of partying.

6 Lindsay Lohan

The Parent Trap, and even Mean Girls for that matter, seem so, so long ago.


7 Amanda Bynes

From the up and coming female comedy star to pariah in a matter of (presumably) drug riddled years.


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