This Anorexic Actress Weighed 40 Pounds and Was About to Die. Look at her Now!

Sep 13th, 2017
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Anorexia Nervosa is a mental disorder. People who are suffering from this disease usually don't realize they are suffering from a disease. Individuals with this disease feel like they need to lose weight more. As a result, they stop eating and start to exteriorize more. They do anything to lose weight more, and most of these things are usually self-destructive.

Here is the story of Rachael Farrokh, who inspirationally overcame this horrible disease with the support of her loving husband.

1 Grown woman with weight of a small child

Weighing a total of 40lbs, Rachael Farrokhs disease had become so severe her husband had to quit his job to care for his wife.

2 In a life changing moment

Rachael had struggled with anorexia for years, with doctors saying she was on the brink of death the 37-year-old finally made a public video reaching out for help.


3 Money comes flooding in

People everywhere showed their support and donated enough money for Rachael to receive the proper treatment with round the clock care to overcome this terrible disease. Public donated $200,000 to fund treatment at a specialist clinic in Portugal

4 A strong fresh start

Six months into treatment she still struggles to stand on her own but is growing stronger every day, she wants to raise public awareness on how this disease can destroy your life.


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