For 12 Years She’s Been Hugging Deployed Soldiers. When She Didn’t Show Up, They Did This

Aug 26th, 2017
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War is an intense thing, possibly the most painful of all things. When soldiers are heading for war, they will have some unpleasant things in their mind. They don’t know what will be their fate. They are going to sacrifice for others. But they never show their mind to others, they just hide it inside their mind and give inspiration and courage to others. They may end up in a terrible death but never give up. At some point, these brave men and women may need a lovely hug and kiss. Some of them will have their family to send them off. But some people may not have even a family; they hold their own as no one came to send them off. For all of these people, there’s Elizabeth. She embraces all of them the same and has been doing as such for a long time.


2 She’s 83 And Full Of Love

Elizabeth Laird is also called as the “hug lady” by loving people. For as long as 12 years, this short, sweet and lovable granny has been putting smiles on many soldier faces with her love and affection. She is spreading love to courageous young men and ladies of the American Armed Forces.



She is the central part of all going away parties of brave soldiers. She smiles at everyone. Every soldier get her hug, only for them, from Elizabeth with love.


Elizabeth has hugged more than a million officers in the twelve years she’s been doing this. The positive vitality she radiates is contagious and stays with the warriors as they start their mission.



For as long as 11 years, Elizabeth has been battling breast cancer. She went to each send-off until one day, she didn’t appear. Everybody was expecting her scrambled to find out where she was. They found out she is in the ICU. Elizabeth required a prayer and some affection like the kind she had been passing out every one of these years. She was not frustrated.


The bold men and ladies whom she supports in times of apprehension and uneasiness went to the hospital to see Elizabeth. Staff Sargent Jarvez Wilkes said.

“It would be my honor to give her an embrace in her season of need. I made it my business to get down here and demonstrate her a little love in light of the fact that she’s demonstrated to me a lot of adoration.”

The troopers began a GoFiundMe record to cover Elizabeth’s medical expenses. They have raised over $80,000.


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