21 Dogs Whose Groomers Took Things A Little Too Far. I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Aug 19th, 2017
Name Team

These poor dogs!!! They would cry if they had any idea what was done to them. LOL!

1 Is my coat ill-fitting?

2 Im trying to grow a beard, what?


3 Im loving my new overalls

4 Dont I look just like an a**


5 My heads too big for my body

6 I miss my manly body hair


7 Floating Dog

8 Whose idea was this?


9 Tell me I have a beautiful mane!

10 Puppy Long Stockings


11 ::Circle Of Life Starts Playing::

12 Dog dreads


13 Simba? Is that you?

14 You think this is funny, huh?


15 Im going to work this look, even though I hate it

16 So Avant Garde


17 Is my toupee noticeable? Be honest

18 Im still adorable!


19 A blowout!

20 Afro-Dog


21 Mohawk


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