10 Highest Paid Jobs Around The World

Apr 8th, 2022
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You have come to the right place if you are trying to find jobs overseas, from anywhere in the world. This is list comprised of the top paying jobs from around the world. It should give you a great indication of which direction you would like to go. You may have a certain idea and career and even a destination in mind which after reading this article will give you a much better idea or even a brand new career path which you didnt think of before, so if you want to travel to make more money then take a look at this list of career paths.

1. Teacher

In many countries, the profession of teaching tends to be a low paying-government type of job. But in Switzerland, you need a masters degree in your specific field to qualify. So they obviously enjoy the idea of smart foreigners providing education.

2. Dentist

Apparently Spain is where Dentists get paid the most in the world. To get in you need to have a degree at a recognized European Union country.


3. Doctor

Every place in the world needs a good doctor, but no place will pay you like the Netherlands, but of course along with your skills as a doctor, you have to be able to speak Dutch.

4. Construction Manager

If you want to be a highly paid construction manager, then the UAE is the place to go for a fat pay check. Compared to other countries, they seem to be in a much higher demand.


5. Lawyer

In general, lawyers do make quite a decent amount of money, but they make less than half as a lawyer in China would make. But of course, being a foreign country, the ability to speak Fluent Mandarin is obviously a requirement.

6. Nurse

Being the most valued of care givers, nurses dont always make a lot of money, depending on where they are. But if you read the information above, you will be surprised at how much they earn in the EU.

Moreover, the nursing salaries are different depending on the specialization and professional academic background of individuals. For example, cardiac nurse practitioners earn about $114,000 per year or about $55 per hour, and the critical care nurse salary range falls between $69,700 and $92,200. You can always further your education and additional skills to find better opportunities.


7. Software Developer

The EU is starting to seem like the overall best place to go doesnt it? If you have all the correct qualifications as a software developer, then go to Switzerland! It is over all a nice place to go anyways.

8. Petroleum Engineer

Norway values Petroleum Engineers quite a lot considering people seem to take them for granted. But also there is a huge language barrier so you will need some knowledge in the Norwegian languages.


9. Hotel Receptionist

Just a normal job that is always taken for granted and always has to deal with unhappy customers is very undervalued in most parts of the world, but Australia does not hold back on these pay checks.

10. Fire Fighter


This is one of those jobs where you dont need that many qualifications but should have the courage of a lion, and in Canada thee heroes get paid a decent wage!

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