What Subtle Tattoo Should You Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Mar 3rd, 2018
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There are many kinds of people in the world. And star signs seem to be a way for many people to find themselves and who they are. That sort of thinking makes Star signs become a very emotional and meaningful thing in those peoples lives. So why not get a tattoo based on your sign and represent who you are in quite a meaningful way? If you need a little help figuring out what kind of tattoo you need, read on!

1 Aries Rose on your Arm

For this sign, your personality characteristics are summarized to the need for growth and warmth and even love, which makes a rose the most fitting tattoo you can get. Because as an Aries you love new starts and engaging in people, whether it's starting a new relationship or a new career, wherever you go, you spread your warmth and happiness around.

2 Taurus Anchor on your wrist

The cheesiest reason for a tattoo, and something that everyone will tell you is that you are a very grounded person and everyone likes you because you become their Anchor. This being said, obviously you are very well known for being level-headed and the one that takes care of your friends when they need a responsible person in their lives. Even still, you can douse flames in a tense situation which gains you a lot of respect.


3 Gemini A Triangle on the ankle

The triangle has quite a significant meaning to you, since you are a multi-talented individual, you have quite a knack for seeing things in many different angles to a single type of situation, so a triangle signifies your decision-making capabilities from all angles around a fact.

4 Cancer Black cat on the ankle

Over all you are quite a relaxed person, you take like as it comes and with that, you are quite a lucky person. So a cat has nine lives, but you have the luck to take on risks to try jump ahead in life with a determination, and surprisingly a laid back friendly and resilient attitude.


5 Leo A crown on the wrist

A crown is a bit of an obvious one, but that makes it all the more to be proud of. After all, a Leo is king of the jungle which makes you a natural leader. And that is why people tend to be a bit intimidated by you.

6 Virgo Love inscribed on the rib

Having love tattooed on our rib is symbolism for being loved by almost everyone you know, and the rib is closer to your heart as well. You go through your life being a caring person and helping others in need which makes a popular person that people love to be around!


7 Libra Heart on the finger

Being a Libran means you have a particular magical type of charm that draws people to you like a magnet and people are fans of your personality. But beyond that, Librans are romantics deep down, who dream of their lives being the grandest of love stories to retell over and over.

8 Scorpio Moon on your ankle

Being a compelling and mentally strong person makes you quite self-sufficient with a certain type of enigma about you. People trust you because you know how to keep secrets.


9 Sagittarius An Arrow on your finger

These kinds of people know themselves, know who they are, what they want to do, what they hope to achieve, their lives are planned out already by themselves, and that makes you a strong-willed person that doesn't care much for what people think. You follow your heart, and you fly in that direction.

10 Capricorn Infinity symbol on the neck

Capricorns are driven for all kinds of achievements and the thrill of taking on something new. You know your possibilities are endless, even though you may get confused on your next path.


11 Aquarius A Bow on the finger

These types of people have a much different way of thinking to the conventional people around them. This draws people to you for your opinion and different and intelligent way of looking at things.

12 Pisces An X and an O on the wrists

Pisces tend to swim alone and feel incomplete or searching for someone to complete them. You love everyone, your family, friends, and loved ones. You are a physical and delicate person that makes you extremely appealing to others.


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