13 Stupid People Who Make Facebook What It Is Today

May 3rd, 2020
Name Team

There is no doubt that quite a few smart and intelligent people have their profiles on Facebook. But they are easily countered by the countless stupid people on Facebook. Check out these top 13 stupid posts on Facebook.

1 Brilliant mother

stupid facebook posts

It just amazes how someone can even think of buying cigarettes with child care money.

2 Poor Missy

funny posts

Missy definitely needs to consult a doctor to see if she is ok.


3 You are fired

dumb facebook posts

Why would you just leave the blanks like that working for a pizza company?

4 Spell Check

 stupid internet posts

Probably needs to be more careful with spellings next time.


5 I cant even

stupid posts

Pregnant with a guinea pig? Is she insane?

6 Teacher even better than student

stupid facebook

Either the teacher is stupid or the student is lying.


7 Dark humour

 stupid social media posts

I hope he was being funny.

8 Smelly grandma

dumb social media posts

Some people are just mean. Sorry grandma.


9 This is love?

funny stupid people

So this is what people are calling love these days?

10 Insane mother

stupid things on the internet

I feel sorry for her kids


11 Its a thermometer

stupid posts on the internet

I think she is probably blind or cant read properly.

12 S3xual preferences

stupid facebook status

You dont need to tell everyone about your sexual preferences.


13 Lack of common sense

 most stupid facebook posts

I don't even know what to say about this 4th of July is on 4th of July idiot.


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