21 Photos That Will Completely Destroy Your Childhood

May 8th, 2018
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Childhood is the time of Innocence. We only think in straight when we are kids, no inner meanings no puns. There was no possibility of thinking in a wrong way. But as we approach adulthood, we start to realize things. Now we start to get the inner meaning and dirty meaning of stuff. Adulthood comes by destroying your childhood. You must understand that you are an adult when you see things and thinks entirely different than before.

See these 21 pictures that literally tell you that your childhood is over.

1 What is Arthurs dad talking about?

2 Nifty Shades of Beige or 50 Shades of Something Else?


3 The doctors name in Rockos Modern Life

4 The time this happened in Magic School Bus..


5 Makes you think

6 The crane in Transformers


7 This moment in the Care Bears

8 Now we know how Papa Bear really feels


9 The motel in Rockos Modern Life

10 This harsh truth about The Flash


11 This moment from The Magic School Bus

12 Santas secret past


13 This statement from Young Justice

14 Uh, this


15 Childhood destroyed when you realize what Spongebob is really using

16 OMG


17 That moment you realize what Donald really has under the covers

18 That moment you realize Blossom is a twisted little girl


19 That moment you realize the puddle isnt yellow

20 Theyre called CARE Bears for a reason


21 And, finally, Mr. Rogers


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