10 Most Horrifying Gang Rituals That will Give you Goosebumps

Aug 29th, 2019
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1 Baptism In Urine (Hells Angels)

One of the most popular gangs of all times, Hells Angels have had their fair share of encounters with crime and violence which have contributed to their status as a top gang.

Hunter S. Thompson became a member of that gang for a year to know more about their customs and rituals. He was shocked to find several horrifying rituals that these members follow. Unfortunately, he couldn't continue his research after a few members stomped him.

Their initiation ritual to welcome a new member is a strange one a bucket full of dung and urine is collected and then poured over the newcomers head in the form of baptism. Also, they are encouraged not to wash these clothes.

2 Consuming blood (Traditional Chinese Triad)

They are the primary gangs in China, and they also have members in Macau and Hong Kong. Their initiation tradition used to be quite extensive requiring several sacred items and a lot of space. However, they had to face security problems in the recent past, forcing them to change their rules a little bit. They have kept the most important part of the ceremony intact though.

The new member will have to drink a potion containing his plasma as well as the blood of other new members. Also, they need to memorize all the Triad poems and recite them properly which is supposed to build their identity in the gang.


3 Aryan Brotherhood

During the civil rights movement in the 1960s, members of different races were kept in the same prisons. They decided to segregate themselves based on race into different gangs.

The Aryan Brotherhood was born from this segregation in 1964 in San Quentin prison. Criminal activities were carried by its members within the prison as well, these included drugs, extortion and male prostitution.

Their initiation ritual is horrifying, newcomers have to murder either prison workers or members of rival gangs before they can become members of the gang.

4 Mara Salvatrucha 13

This gang probably began in El Salvador, and gradually spread throughout entire North America. They are popularly known as MS-13. Around 10,000 members are estimated to be in the USA, while more than 40,000 are present in Guatemala and Honduras.

Males have to undergo various difficult tasks to join the gang they have to commit violent crimes or are jumped in by others. For example, one member who was only 11 years old became unconscious when five well-built members jumped on him during the ritual.

The initiation ritual is even worse for females they are forced to have coitus with several males from the gang which is considered to be sexed in.


5 Ku Klux Klan Cross-Burning

They are popular in the US for their racist outlook and their acts of violence and crime which they used to justify as an attempt to purify the society.

Cross-burning is a sacrilegious act performed by this gang where they destroy the religious symbol. They used this to strike terror into the hearts of African-Americans living in the country.

6 Taitung Crime Syndicates Bombarding Master Handan

This ritual is known as bombarding Master Handan, and was popular in the Taiwanese Lantern Festival. Firecrackers were thrown at a shirtless man who used to represent Master Handan, the god of wealth. According to the citizens, this ritual brought them good fortune and wealth.

The gangs in Taitung decided to use this ritual to choose their leader during the 1970s. Firecrackers were thrown at a selected group of people and whoever survived the longest was chosen the leader. Police decided to ban this in 1984. However, the ritual returned; although this time, owners of various industries used to throw firecrackers on Master Handan to bring them wealth.


7 Numbers Gang

Formed in the 1800s in Johannesburg, the gang had a weird ritual. The new recruit is asked what he would do if he had one umbrella and saw another senior member nearby while it was raining.

If he decided to share the umbrella, he would have to do sexual activities. If he decided to give him the umbrella, then the new member will have to attack a prison guard and then take the beating silently.

8 Latin Kings

This gang started in 1940s in Chicago. They are notorious for their acts of crime and violence along with relation with well-known terrorist groups.

Their initiation ritual involves the newcomer to flash GD hand signals to members of the rival gang, Gangster Disciples. Whoever responds is killed by shooting and the newcomer has to play the primary role.


9 Eating Childrens Hearts (Knights Templar Cartel)

The gang consists of members from the famous organization, La Familia Michoacan. The members have to adhere to strict rules and regulation and have to show respect to children and women.

Their initiation ritual involves the newcomer eating the heart of a child. In case you are wondering where the children come from, the gang runs a network of organ-trafficking. This is definitely one of the most horrifying rituals and is supposed to prove how loyal the new member is to the gang.

10 United Blood Nation

This gang originated in the Rikers Island prison in 1993. Its founders are Deadeye and OG Mack. They spread quickly and soon became one of the largest gangs in New York, consisting of over 500 members.

Their initiation ritual involves the newcomer to blood in to prove his loyalty. The newcomer literally has to take blood from an inmate by cutting his face with a box cutter. The members yell 013 when they sense an opportunity to signal the new member to perform his tasks.

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