13 Illegal Things We All Have Done Once And We Never Know

Nov 22nd, 2021
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We are doing many good things every day, knowingly and unknowingly. You will not be able to count them. But did you know how many bad things you are doing every day? Like good things, counting will not be easy. But you are doing many illegal things daily, knowingly or unknowingly. If we know something is illegal, we may able to avoid it. But what if you think something is legal and it is not? Nothing can't be done. Here are some illegal things you may actually think are legal, but not.

1 Unlocking your iPhone!

Unlocking your iPhone is illegal. But jail breaking of iPhone is not illegal.

Still jail breaking may void the warranty as per their support article

"Apple's support article concerning jailbreaking claims that they "may deny service for an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that has installed any unauthorized software." Therefore, anyone who is jailbroken, warranty or not, may or may not get support from Apple."

2 Ad blockers

Ads are annoying in most cases, but using ad blockers are not allowed


3 Selling on eBay without declaring earnings

4 Connecting to unsecured, non-public Wi-Fi

You can use any public Wi-Fi, but you can not use a non-public Wi-Fi even if it is unsecured.


5 Faking your IP address.

It's not legal to use proxies in many countries. Also, it is not allowed to use proxies to access a website that is banned in your country.

6 Faking your name on theInternet

Faking your name is illegal on the internet, and outside the internet as well


7 Hacking!

No explanation is needed

8 Unofficial TV Streaming Services

Usage of unofficial streaming sites are purely illegal


9 Bullying someone online.

10 Using torrent to download movies.


11 Talking on phone while driving

12 Torturing animals for Meat


13 Underage Facebook accounts


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