If Logos Of These Famous Companies Reflect Their Products

May 3rd, 2020
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Every major company has a unique logo, which should provide an insight into the kind of service that the company offers. However, we all know that nothing is perfect in this world, and neither are these logos. That is why, Marco Schembri, an industrial product designer from Italy, decided to change these logos based on the products or services provided. While the idea is very simple, the end product is a humorous one. I am pretty sure you will get a good laugh out of this.

Check out the modified logos based on these factors. We hope you will love them.

1 McDonalds

Their products are all filled with lots of chess and various fillings, which are guaranteed to make you fat. Hence, the modified logo is the ideal one.

2 Absolut

This company is famous for producing various types of drinks including Vodka. Consuming too much is guaranteed to make you dizzy so that should be reflected in their logo as well.


3 Starbucks

This company is famous for their coffee and other snacks. Their logo has been controversial for several years, so maybe they should change it now.

4 Gillette

If this company which produces high-quality razors ever wants to modify their logo to make it more attractive, I am pretty sure they won't have a problem.


5 Zippo

This company is famous for producing lighter. Their logo needs to be changed slightly to give that burning effect.

6 Nutella

Nutella is one of the most favorite food brands of all times. Nutella has almost become an essential component of every family.


7 Durex

You should always consider safety first because you might regret your decision later. That is why you need to use Durex.

8 Braun

This company produces high-quality razors, electric toothbrushes, and several other home appliances.


9 Nestl

We should be thankful to this awesome company for providing us wonderful products throughout our childhood as well as adulthood.

10 Red Bull

Although Red Bull doesn't actually give you wings, it does have a pretty strong effect. That's why the logo needs to be bigger as well a shade darker.


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