8 Hilarious Instances Of Animal Photography That Will Have You Laughing At Nature

Jan 29th, 2018
Name Team

Nature can be hilarious if you're patient enough to watch animals do their thing. Just check out the crazy photos of animals being wild and untamed. I bet you won't be able to hold back your laughter.

1 Look at me, I'm a human.

This lioness somehow found herself in possession of a camera in our first funny picture. I hope that the owner of that camera is alright lol.

2 The birds! So many birds!

It's probably not a hilarious situation for the poor hippo but for us looking at it, it's too funny. Size isn't everything as this poor tormented creature has just discovered.


3 Golddigger.

This gorilla is just chilling while digging for gold. Can't blame it. Picking an annoying booger is one of the best feelings in the whole world.

4 The view up here is amazing.

I bet you never thought you would see anything this crazy in your lifetime but here you go. I have so many questions, the first of which is how the hell did that zebra get up there? Also, wow giraffe necks are strong.


5 Hole in one!

This fox doesn't think too much of humans building a golf course on his home and he's all about showing them. Something tells me that the next golfer to come through here and pick up his ball after knocking it into the hole is gonna feel pretty shitty.

6 What you lookin at bruh!?

This cute little fella here doesn't want you all in his grill. The sideways look he's giving say's it all. Nothing to see here! Keep walking.


7 Holding on for dear life.

Aww, those little birds are so cute. Just look at them sitt... oh wait he's losing it. Oh no, he's gonna fall! Phew made the save just barely. Don't just sit there guys, a little help, please.

8 A whole new world!

That's one romatic ant. Look at him carrying his love around. I'm sure that's not really the situation but hey, it sounds cool.


9 Animals are pretty funny, right?

10 Check out the video for even more hilarious animals.


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