Unlucky Couples Share Their Failed Honeymoon Experiences That Will Make You Laugh.

May 30th, 2020
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Marriage is a great bond in our life. Honeymoon usually help in making this bond strong after marriage. Every couple will have their expectations for their honeymoon. Some couples will get everything they expected. But some other unlucky couples, it will turn to a painful experience. Here, some couples sharing their honeymoon experiences that turned into a big fail.

Honeymoons can be a total disaster.

My honeymoon sucked. I got sick the first day, threw up in the middle of the night and was fine after. Hubby got sick the next day with the same bug. We managed to have sex one time before we went home.


On my honeymoon, my wife almost let me drown because she thought it was funny.


Keeping the romance alive.

On my honeymoon... and my husband just puked in a garbage can and passed out. So romantic.


I was in the middle of having sex with my husband on our honeymoon and my mother-in-law decided to check in on us. My husband looked her in the eyes in the most serious way as she exited.


Definitely not the way you'd expect a honeymoon to turn out.

My soon to be ex-wife is currently on our honeymoon trip with another man.

No kidding.

My in-laws went with me on my honeymoon. The marriage didnt last long lol


Can't wait much longer!

I waited years to be intimate with my girlfriend. Now were finally married and nothing happened on our honeymoon. Not sure were ever going to consummate this marriage.

That's awful!

I just had to quit my job because it got around that Im gay. Im on my honeymoon and I just want to curl up and cry


Terrible timing.

I got food poisoning during my honeymoon in Hawaii. Instead of enjoying the beach I spent the trip vomiting from our hotel.

When it rains, it pours.

I got sick on my honeymoon, work called trying to get me to come in and then my car died. Looks like we have to have a second one to make up for this one...


Talk about a quickie.

I cheated on my husband on our honeymoon with a guy serving food to our hotel room. We did it in the bath while he was locked out of the room. I told him I was in the shower

Sounds trippy.

On my honeymoon, someone drugged me and my husband had to put up with me saying THE WALLS WILL WATCH US HAVE SEX We didnt have sex because my husband played along and was scared too.


Oh no.

The first time I signed my married name was on a police report. Someone stole over half our cards. That was going to pay for our honeymoon. 😞


I started my period 2 days before my wedding day. My honeymoon should be interesting.


Uh oh.

My husband forgot to pack condoms for our honeymoon and I think I might be pregnant, but Im too scared to take the test. Im not ready for a baby.

Nothing like being the third wheel in your own marriage.

Im a tag-along in my own marriage. We cant go anywhere without my husbands friend coming along. And if his friend doesnt want me to go, I get booted from the trip, like what happened on my honeymoon.


How disappointing.

My husband and I just went on our honeymoon and had sex for the first time, I faked it.

Better late than never.

My honeymoon has made me realize just how much he doesnt know me. Were not having a good time at all.



The wife got pregnant on the honeymoon and we were going to wait a year before we had kids!

Not cool.

Hate that we are on our honeymoon and my husband is too busy getting drunk with friends to make love to me 😞


The worst.

I just came back from my honeymoon and there was absolutely no sex during it. Ugh! (Im a guy)

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