The Best Green Creatures In MTG

Apr 4th, 2022
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Every Magic the Gathering player knows that the color green showcases the most creatures out of all five colors. They also know that these creatures can surely whack a punch. You can expect the slightest attack from an elf, to the most devastating parade of a giant beast. The color green has its share of creatures of all sizes and abilities. We can definitely list them here, but that might take more than one article to complete. That’s just the elves, mind you. So we have decided to list down the best green creatures MTG has to offer. Give them a look below to learn more about green creatures.

What Is Up With Green Creatures?

You might ask yourself what green Magic the Gathering creatures are actually. Each color in the game has a significant role in making up their spells and creatures. While other colors excel in creatures that attack immediately and fly, green does something else. You will notice that most green creatures are enormous in terms of scale. Picture beasts and beetles the size of small office buildings. You don’t like that? How about elves that swarm the battlefield brandishing their perfect blades and shields?

The Best Green Creatures

  • Llanowar Elves

The card Llanowar Elves does deserve a spot on the list of the best green creatures out there. It is a one green mana cost creature with a base power and toughness of 1. What makes this creature so powerful is its ability. You can tap it to produce one additional green mana. You can use the mana to cast another elf with the same ability. These so-called mana dorks allow green players to be one step ahead of the game.

  • Birds of Paradise

Another mana-ramping creature is Birds of Paradise. It is similar to Lllanowar Elves. What it lacks in physical strength it makes up for with its ability. The creature flies, and you can tap it to produce one mana of any color. This ability gives any player a significant mana advantage like no other.

  • Allosaurus Shepherd

This list is not complete without us mentioning the all-powerful Allosaurus Shepherd. It is a one green mana creature that boasts tremendous abilities. As long as it remains in play, the green spells you play cannot be countered. That is a decent ability, knowing that the creature itself cannot be countered. In addition, it also has the ability that turn your lesser elves into trampling beings for a cost.

  • Craterhoof Behemoth

This bad boy is one of the color’s greatest monsters. It is a heavy hitter that gives your creatures a power boost. Costing at eight green mana, the Behemoth grants your attackers additional power and toughness equal to the number of creatures you control. Imagine having more than ten creatures in play as you cast the creature. Now, that is a lot of damage.

  • Oracle of Mul Daya

A standard turn in Magic allows a player to play only one land each turn. This aspect is a ramping limit for most players. But you do not have to worry about that when this creature is in play. The Oracle lets you play an additional land on each turn. This advantage allows you to cast heavier spells than your opponents way faster.

  • Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger

The Green color is the last option you might consider if you want to play control. But the color has several creatures that do just that. Vorinclex is one of them. This big guy lets you double your mana pool by being in play. In addition, opponents have trouble when this creature is in play. Any land they use for mana will not untap during their next turn.

  • Seedborn Muse

Not all green creatures rely on might and size. Some of them rely on technical abilities. Seedborn Muse is one creature that does not have to be physically strong. It makes up for the lack of attack power with an ability that lets you untap your permanents every turn. That means you can block with creatures that attacked during your previous turn. You can also cast spells and abilities with your untapped lands and other mana sources.

  • Nyxbloom Ancient

The previous creatures in this list only ramp your mana with an additional one. But that is not the case for this specific tree folk. Nyxbloom Ancient lets you ramp way better than that. Whenever you tap a permanent for mana, it will produce three times the mana instead. Now that is one way to ramp for spells and creatures.

  • Eternal Witness

Eternal Witness allows you to get a card from your graveyard back into your hand. That means you can utilize the card once more. What makes this creature neat is that you can choose a card of any type to bring back. Not too many green creatures have this kind of ability. Not only that, but you can use the creature to block once your opponent decides to attack. Or perhaps use the creature to attack once it is your turn once more.

Green Is The Way To Go

The green color has a multitude of creatures. Not only that, but there is no doubt this list is not complete. We have not even added some of the crazier green monstrosities you can summon. Some of them you can utilize to attack your opponents until they lose their life total entirely. You can also employ specific green creatures to be one step ahead of the game. Like the other colors in the game, these creatures will surely reward you one way or another. One way you can learn about the other creatures is to look them up online. Or perhaps ask your veteran Magic the Gathering player friend for some recommendations. We are sure you will have a decent time learning this way. But at the end of the day, you have to make sure that you are having fun as you play.

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